When Choosing An Automotive Repair Shop Look Past the Cordial Service Writer

Not long ago I talked to a young man that ran a local auto shop. He was clean-cut, seemed honest, and was the lead mechanic. I asked him if he could work on my car as he was a local shop, and he said he could indeed work on cars just like mine and had previously. As I was talking to him about all this, the owner of the shop came up and started talking to us as well. It turned out that the shop owner was a relative, but he didn’t strike me as anyone that I would trust if I were to drop off my car. You see, I’ve been in business a long time, in the auto sector, and I’ve met folks like him, people that would smile at you, but go out of their way to gouge you to make more money each time you brought in your car.

In any case, this should be a lesson to folks who go in and talk to an automotive repair service shop service writer. This is the person behind the counter that says all of the right things, looks the part of a customer service representative, and makes all sorts of promises as to the scheduling, quality, and fair pricing. Just because the service writer appears to be an honest chap, doesn’t mean the mechanics are, or the owner is. This is not to say that all automotive repair shops are dishonest, most are honest, or they couldn’t stay in business. Nevertheless, over the years I’ve seen a good number of automotive repair shops really take advantage of women customers who didn’t know much about cars.

Thus, as a man you wouldn’t want your wife, daughter, or any of your female friends or relatives to go into such an auto shop where the chances of them being taken advantage of are high. If the owner of the shop and the mechanics are leading by example, if they are one with honesty and integrity, then everything should be okay. What I recommend is that you look beyond the service writer with a nice uniform and great smile, look beyond all the promises, and poke your head in the shop, see the type of people working there, their attitude, and see if the shop owner is someone you’d have over to your house for dinner. If not, you should take your car elsewhere and save yourself from a future bad experience. Please consider all this and think on it.

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