Automotive Repair Shop Recruiting With Mobile Tool Sellers

If you own an automotive repair shop, the most important thing is to have all the top-notch mechanics of the area working in your shop, and not working for your competition. When you have the best mechanics you end up having the happiest clients, and the most referrals, and this helps your repair shop grow in size and in reputation. The reputation of an automobile repair shop is crucial to the success and longevity of enterprise.

Now then, how do you get the best mechanics to come work for you, how do you find them, and how you keep them working for you while other maintenance shops are constantly trying to recruit them? Here is one thing that a local car repair facility owner told me, he’d been in business over 30 years. He told me that he paid the mobile tool sellers a commission to help him find the best mechanics. He made sure that he had everyone out looking for him.

He also tied these commissions to the performance of the mechanic that came to work for him. For instance if the guy running the tool van brought him a good mechanic he would give them $1000. And if that mechanic was really good and stayed with him for six months he would give them another thousand dollars.

This meant that the mobile tool seller van guy could make free money just for keeping his eyes and ears open for disgruntled mechanics that wanted to go work for a better shop. The automobile repair shop owner also confided in me that before the recent economic fallout in the United States there was a huge shortage of mechanics, and he expects there to be another big shortage as soon as economy returns. Please consider all this.

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