Automotive Repair Shop Recruiting Using Air Conditioning

There is a big debate whether you should grow up and be a white collar worker, or a blue-collar worker. Not long ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop that I was talking to a young lawyer who was obviously stressing out because he wasn’t making any money and worried about losing his job. He was talking with me, and an auto mechanic that owned a repair shop. The owner of repair shop was complaining that he had to pay his mechanics over $30 an hour or you couldn’t get anybody that was any good. The young lawyer noted that lately he’s been barely making $30 per hour.

Interestingly enough, most of the auto mechanics, have received their training for free from the companies they work at. While the lawyer had to spend nearly $100,000 going to law school and he has steep student loans. The lawyer drives a nicer car, has a Rolex Watch and wears nicer close to work, but he has fewer toys, less time to spend with his family, and he is hugely in debt unlike the auto mechanics that work for the auto repair shop owner that was discussing this with him.

The lawyer said he liked to work in an air-conditioned office and that was worth it to him. Then the auto repair person said that he uses air conditioning in his shops also, because it is a recruiting tool to get the top mechanics to come work in a shop rather than somewhere else.

He also noted that there has been a big shortage of car mechanics in the past and without the air-conditioning he probably couldn’t get anybody to work there, or least he couldn’t get the best mechanics in the area to work for him. In fact, he attributed much of this to the success of his automotive repair shop. Please consider all this.

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